Deposit Policy

All deposits are nonrefundable!

We handle, pet, and love all our Puppies daily so that when you take them home, they will love you.  We offer all our Fur Babies as Pet or Registered with Breeding Rights.

  • ​​Standard Aussiedoodles 
  • Toy Maltese

​Delivery Policy

​ALL MONEY IS NON-REFUNDABLE INCLUDING DEPOSITS!  If puppy is not picked up on scheduled original delivery/pickup date buyer forfeits all money paid to date & the puppy.   Forfeited puppies will be offered for adoption/resale to other clients, so that puppy may find a good loving home.  All puppies must have an established delivery/pickup date at time of deposit.  Failure to pick up puppy on established pickup date automatically results in forfeit of buyer’s money & puppy!  EXCEPTION: IF AN EMERGECY OCCURS ON ESTABLISHED ORIGINAL PICKUP DATE, we will work with customer for an additional 7 days to deliver the puppy with PROOF FROM CUSTOMER OF VERIFIABLE EMERGENCY.   It is at the discretion of GetAnAnimal to work with the customer in a case of an emergency but GetAnAnimal is not obligated to work with customer unless verifiable proof of emergency is presented to GetAnAnimal prior to original delivery date or on original delivery date.   


  1. Notify seller of the Emergency prior to or on original established delivery date & submit proper documentation to the seller.  Proper documentation (with dates) of an emergency includes: Doctor receipts, funeral documentation, &/or police report.  Seller does not accept notifications of an emergency after original established delivery date!
  2. Customer must reschedule delivery prior to or on original delivery date & the delivery date must fall within the 7-day & 10-day clause stated on number 3 below.
  3. New delivery date must not extend past an additional 7 days of original delivery date &/or 10 days past wean date of puppy.  We will not hold any puppy past 10 days of the puppy wean date! Seller may make an exception (at our discretion) to delivery under special circumstances, but exception must be documented with a written agreement between seller & buyer at time of deposit or time of rescheduling. 
  4. All puppies not picked up on established delivery date will be offered for resale & customer forfeits all money & puppy, unless they abide by GetAnAnimal’s delivery policy established in this

GetAnAnimal Farm

We are a hobby breeder that believes that vet health, home health, love, environment, and selective breeding creates a happy healthy dog with excellent temperament.  We also believe that temperament starts with parents, which includes Human Parents and dog parents.  We raise and sell Standard Aussiedoodles and Toy Maltese that are from Champion Bloodlines.

At GetAnAnimal you can trust that we care about you and the pets you purchase from us. We LOVE all our puppies so that when you take them home they will LOVE you! 

GetAnAnimal Farm: Fur babies You Can Love!

Visiting Our Farm
We no longer allow visitors to our Farm due to the increased amount of animals & dogs that have been stolen in our area and for liability purposes. We will meet with you at a local prearranged place to allow you to meet a pet that you have shown interest in if the pet does not have a deposit already placed on it by another person. Puppies must be at least 6 weeks old before we will arrange to meet with you. We do not hold any puppy without a deposit and we do not accept deposits on any puppy until we have released photos of them (puppies around six weeks old!) We also do not accept deposits without an established pick up date (on/after wean date) at time of deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and all sales are final! We do deliver to all local towns and many other towns for free once the puppy has weaned and the deposit has been paid. We have expanded our free based delivery and also offer fee/paid based delivery to the continental 48 United States.

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​​Fur babies you can LOVE!


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Free Delivery for Puppies: 

Free Delivery to these exits for the towns & exits along the interstate route - Virginia: Abingdon, Bland, Bluefield, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Claypool Hill, Dublin, Fairlawn, Fort Chiswell, Hillsville/Galax, Natural Bridge, Marion, Pearisburg, Roanoke, Raphine, Staunton, Tazewell, & Wytheville. 
North Carolina: Mount Airy, Statesville, & Rural Hall 
Tennessee: Bristol 
West Virginia: Bluefield, & Princeton

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Paid Delivery - we offer paid delivery to any location within the 48 continental states. Below is a list of some of the bordering state locations with paid delivery options (usually just gas & tolls unless overnight stay is required) -
Virginia: Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Richmond, & Winchester.
Kentucky: Tonnerville
North Carolina: Greensboro & Charlotte

Tennessee: Knoxville

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg
Ohio: Mareitta
South Carolina: Chester

If you have questions/quotes, please message us through our "Request Form" page.


We offer shipping at customer's expense!  We offer free and paid/fee delivery within the 48 continental United States!  If you have questions/quotes, please message us through our "Request Form" page.